Three-plus decades of national/international charting releases

Deadly arsenal of potent audio tools for recording, mixing, mastering

High technologist fusing legacy techniques and boutique hardware with style and attitude


We are a full service recording/mixing/production & mastering operation with studios in Spring Grove and Wadsworth, IL plus mastering suites in Gurnee, IL and Milwaukee, WI. Let's meet for tea and playbacks, and we will discuss your recording project in depth. ******Welcome to the continuing evolution of the Sonic Bistro II, with a sparkling mastering chain including Millennia Media/Inward Connections analog, Pyramix Native Music DAW, interfaces from Black Lion Audio, Weiss, and RME, and monitoring from B&W and Quested.****** Announcing the triumphant relocation to NEW YORK CITY of CAGEFIGHT! PRODUCTIONS, a partnership with Ben (Benito) Glawe. ****** As if that weren't enough, another new thorn on the HBMS crown is an adventure with EOTSOTA studio owner Phil Krawiec, "2 Arrogant Bastards & a Sprinter Van", a remote recording elite team that has already seen three deployments.******


******Late harvest squash, savory, plump & ripe from the oven: I'M NOT A PILOT is arguably Jack LeTourneau's finest work in 3 years. Produced by Joe Puerta, Jack, and the band, NO ORDER is the first single.******